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Customer Shares

Great service - Quality products

This is the most ethical, helpful business I've ever dealt with. They stand behind their work and go far above and beyond the norm to make customers happy. I've been a faithful customer for 25 years and highly recommend Rainbow Optics

Thank You Don!

So it's 103 degrees scorching hot and my Smith prescription sunglasses get stepped on. I am beside myself with disbelief for they are on my 'indispensable' list and it's Friday at 4:30pm. I walk into the 18th Ave. location and am immediately greeted by the nicest guy with a great sense of humor and stylin' glasses. He applauds my resistance to a previous offer for home remedy and disappears with full confidence to work some optical frame magic. 'Happy' barely begins to describe how I felt walking out of the store a short time later. The business model that Rainbow has employed is commendable; providing exceptionally friendly, kind, and competent service that cares about improving people's lives. Thank you Rainbow and thank you Don, my eyes and I are very grateful!

Thank you Justin

I'd really like to thank Justin for helping me with adjusting and fixing my broken glasses! Friendly, knowledgable and willing to go the extra mile while helping a customer. I love my glasses and am so grateful he helped me fix them instead of trying to sell me a new pair. I will be a customer for as long as Rainbow optics is around!

A doctor who relates to kids

I wanted to tell you what a fantastic experience we had with your new doctor (Dr. Nick) yesterday. What a great eye doctor, especially for kids. My 14 year old son, Caleb told me driving home , I wish he could be my medical doctor too! He was engaging, truly interested in Caleb, his questions and explained everything he was doing and why. He will be the eye doctor we ask for and are so happy he is on staff. A doctor who relates to kids like he does is a gem, you're fortunate to have him.

We came in on Monday to pick up Caleb's glasses and Dr. Nick saw we were there, came out shook his hand (big deal for a 14 year old boy) took a look at how the glasses fit and looked, said positive things to him about wearing glasses, etc. This was a huge help because being a freshman in middle school he started to have the normal reservations about other kids maybe making fun at him wearing glasses. The positive things that Nick said to him made such a difference. He has worn his glasses every day since.

His science teacher and his health teacher noticed them right away, said positive things. He's a straight A student and both said the glasses will help keep that grade. :)

I was in yesterday and saw Dr. Goo. I ordered new glasses and had another great experience all the way round. The front office staff are great, friendly helpful and very attentive.

Great customer service!

I have a "difficult" prescription to fill, and I just want to say that the Campus Rainbow Optics really went out of their way to work with me until my glasses were just right...I very much appreciate their patient attitude and thoroughness, and would definetely recommend them!


I am extremely proud to have had Rainbow Optics at Willakenzie fill my glasses prescription..They are outstanding with their care and service.


Excelente servicio al cliente y amabilidad fue mi experiencia a Rainbow Optics at West 18th. Gracias.

Translation: Excellent customer service and friendliness was my experience at West 18th Rainbow Optics. Thank you.

Patience & Honesty w/ Choosing Frames

Due to paying out of pocket, I especially wanted to make sure I made the correct decision on frames. I took a couple of weeks of checking out different frames & shopping around EVERYWHERE. I expected not deciding right away to be annoying, but Tracy (Westside R.O.) was always great, super patient and personable/personal. She'd give me her honest opinion, knowing I'd appreciate it. She took the time to measure what lenses would be appropriate for bifocals. She was exceptionally great, NOT at all pushy. I also bought a 2nd pair... and when I went to pick them up, Marilee helped me. When I walked in, arg!, I then just saw frames I liked more than the ones I had ordered was going to pick up! Since the lens shape was pretty similar, Marilee said she'd see if my lenses that were made into the other frames could be slightly altered to fit the frames I just saw & REALLY wanted. In like 20 min. they were fit into the frames I wanted and NO 'attitude' given to me whatsoever by anyone for once again taking more of their time. Quite the contrary. For me who deliberates more than most, I REALLY appreciated this! I will happily return when I need glasses again (even tho they are more expensive...but they DO have some great stylin' frames!).

My New Silhouettes

I just purchased new lenses from your west Eugene office. I had shopped several other optical shops and they had a cold indifference feeling and I walked out. When I went into your West Eugene shop they greeted me like I was a friend and took the time to get my eye needs taken care of. I am 75 years young and sometimes now it seems everyone is in a big hurry to get you taken care of and out the door. Your staff there practice customer service and I will continue to make my purchases with your company. Thank you for having great employees.

Thank You

Received the repaired glasses and thank you for standing by your product and your work and more important "Your Word".

Exam & Glasses Professionally Done

My eye exam and glasses fitting was professionally done in every sense of the word. Phill helped me immensely, and his ability to answer technical questions regarding frames and lenses was very impressive.

Best Customer Service in Town

Rainbow Optics has the best customer service in town. I've been doing business with them for years and have never been disappointed. They've replaced my broken glasses, worked with my insurance company, and looked for hard-to-find frames. We are so lucky to have you in Eugene!

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