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COVID-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update

The current COVID-19 Protocols are:

Face Coverings

Are required for all people of ages 5 and older in clinical areas only such as exam rooms even if vaccinated. This update reflects the Oregon Health Authority Rule issued 2/28/22.

Number of People and Distancing

Capacity limits and social distancing requirements are no longer in place per the updates from the governor and OSHA consultant.

Entrance Screening

There are no entrance limits unless a person has:

  • Been asked to quarantine or isolate due to COVID
  • Has a current fever > 100

In either case, a person will wait outside for assistance.

Vaccination Requirement / Testing

The Administrative Rule posted 8/5/21 requires health care personnel to be fully vaccinated for COVID. As a healthcare office, we are compliant with this rule.

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