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Contact Lens FAQ

  • Can I wear contact lenses overnight while I am sleeping?

    There are a variety of lenses that have achieved approval from the FDA for overnight wear. Wearing lenses overnight increases the risk for infection and other adverse eye health issues. Our Doctors will discuss these risks in more detail and determine if overnight lens wear would be possible for you.

  • What are some of the latest innovations in soft contact lenses?

    Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen necessary for proper eye health that reaches the eye. Silicone hydrogel materials (what the lens is made from) significantly improve the amount of oxygen that passes through the contact lens to the eye compared to hydrogel only lenses. Research indicates that silicone hydrogel lenses will likely be healthier for the eye over time, and many patients find the comfort to be superior. There are many lens options that utilize this revolutionary material, and our Doctors will discuss these options with you.

  • Can I wear contact lenses if I need bifocal / reading glasses?

    The need for different prescriptions for distance and near vision can be satisfied with contact lenses for many people. Our Doctors are skilled in the various technologies and techniques including multifocal contact lenses and monovision correction.

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